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  • Have you wanted to learn to play the piano?
  • Do you have memories of learning as a child and now wish you had continued?
  • Are you someone who says I can only play if I have the written music?
  • Are you someone who says I can only play by ear?

Perhaps you can remember a time when you were excited about learning to play the piano. Then that excitement disappeared. Playing the piano became little more than boring technical exercises and practicing the same pieces over and over.

It doesn’t have to be that way.
Would you like to learn to make music in a joyful way?

  • You can begin or continue to learn at any age.
  • You can let go of regret and take lessons again.
  • Everyone has the capacity to create and express themselves at the piano. I can show you how.
  • Anyone can learn to read written music. If you can read these words, you can read music notation.

Contact me today to discuss the possibility of piano lessons.

Best regards,
Craig Addy


Education & Training:
Piano Performer’s A.R.C.T. (Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto)
B.Mus. (University of British Columbia) – Composition & Piano Performance
Landmark Worldwide Training Programs – Curriculum for Living, Power to Create, & more

Craig regularly performs with:
The Amicus Music Duo – www.amicusmusicduo.com
The Quiet Hearts Ensemble – www.amicusmusicduo.com
Under the Piano – www.UnderThePiano.ca

For the story behind my passion for teaching visit my blog post here – Rediscovering a Passion for Teaching Music

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Piano Promotion Blog Art 9-1-16

I recently discovered why I haven’t been teaching the piano for the past 25 years. I did in my mid twenties and early thirties. Becoming an accomplished piano player does take practice. I’ve practiced a lot over the years. Yet, during my music education I often had a disheartening experience. After practicing all those hours during a week, I would go to a lesson only to spend much of the time discovering what’s wrong. I’d leave the lesson despondent and sad. But I loved music so much. I’d get over it after a day or two and get back in the saddle. Also, because I loved my teachers and knew they loved me, I didn’t have the overall unpleasant experience that some former piano students have described. I enjoyed my teachers and looked forward to lessons. Consequently, my experience of piano lessons was very much a love-hate relationship and, in hindsight, a little confusing. Somewhere along my journey, I made a decision. I decided teaching wasn’t for me. When asked why I didn’t, I had flippant answers like “Everybody in my family is a teacher. I’m not interested in that.” Given that I do come from an extended family of teachers who are all very gifted and successful teachers, it doesn’t really make sense to diminish the idea of being a teacher, but I did. I never thought about it carefully until that day in the Wisdom Course back in November of 2015.

I discovered the real reason why I decided not to teach music. I discovered something that had remained hidden in my subconsciousness all these years.

What was the discovery? It was the belief that to teach music was to depress people. To teach music was to have someone come to a lesson and leave sad and despondent. Suddenly, I was fully aware and conscious of this belief. In the presence of this awareness, there were questions to ask.

Is this belief true? Yes and no. For myself, I can remember many exhilarating, happy and rewarding lessons. It’s so easy to focus on the bad and forget about the good. However, I can’t ignore the number of times I have spoken with former piano students who had truly unhappy memories of there piano lessons. They tell stories of teachers who were rigorous task masters. Playing the piano became little more than boring technical exercises and practicing the same pieces over and over. Of course they quit. How sad. Learning music doesn’t have to be like that.

Am I stuck with this belief? Absolutely not. As soon as I saw it, I got how crazy it was. I was free of it as soon as I discovered it.

Could I say something other than “teaching is to depress”? Yes

This is what I say. It’s really simple. “I don’t have to teach that way! I can teach in a way that insures that learning is full of discovery, confidence of success, and most importantly, fun!”

I am not the same musician or person I was 25 years ago. Now, I still bring to the table all the critical and valuable traditional and rigorous training and skills needed for piano playing and teaching. This is important. But it’s useless if it saps all the joy and delight of playing music from the student. What I also bring is something very rare. It’s the art of improvisation and new skills in listening and facilitating discovery that I have learned from the many programs I have participated in at Landmark. I bring a kind a creativity, discovery, and spontaneity to which many piano teachers likely have no access. I have mastered the art of true self expression at the piano through improvisation and composition. Everyone has this capacity to improvise and create and I have the experience and knowledge to teach this. Improvisation and playing by ear is a remarkable tool for getting to the “heart” of music and for discovering the musical meaning of the written or composed music you are learning whether it be a classical, pop or blues piece.

For me, music is the art of emotion. When you can express both “your intention” and the “composer’s” intention in the music you play, you have mastered that art.

That’s why I teach.


Would you like to learn to make music in a joyful way?

  • You can begin or continue to learn at any age.
  • You can let go of regret and take lessons again.

Learn more about Piano Lessons with me here: Piano Lessons

or contact me today to discuss the possibility of piano lessons.
Best regards,
Craig Addy



Education & Training:
Piano Performer’s A.R.C.T. (Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto)
B.Mus. (University of British Columbia) – Composition & Performing

Landmark Worldwide Training Programs – Curriculum for Living, Power to Create, and more

Craig regularly performs with:
The Amicus Music Duo – www.amicusmusicduo.com
The Quiet Hearts Ensemble – www.amicusmusicduo.com
Under the Piano – www.UnderThePiano.ca




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Under the Piano with Jay & Stephanie Deo

During my Under the Piano sessions, I almost always improvise some light-hearted joy. That’s what this spontaneous composition was about during Jay and Stephanie Deo’s Under the Piano session.



Secret Certificate

It’s a Secret

Under the Piano is such a unique experience that on many occasions clients give it to a loved one as a surprise. They bring their bewildered partner, friend, or family member to my home studio here in the Westend. Where on earth am I coming, they are wondering. I love these sessions. I’m good at making people quickly feel at ease and my studio has a comforting and cozy atmosphere. Then we have a conversation during which I reveal the magical musical experience they are about to have.

For this reason, I have devised what I call a Secret Certificate. I remove all references to my business name and what the experience is. All they will know is that it has something to do with sound and that it is relaxing like a spa experience.

So, if you want to surprise a music lover with one of the most unique gifts on this planet, here’s an opportunity.

Learn more and purchase certificates at Under the Piano at www.UnderThePiano.ca

Call me at 604-662-3053

Email me at Craig@UnderThePiano.ca

Secret Certificate - Under the Piano




What do you see?

When you look at this image, what do you see?

Rising - Music Excerpt

Most people would say they see music.

But wait. Can you SEE music?


This image is not music. This image is a pale representation of what music is. It’s a series of black symbols printed on paper to represent something far beyond it. Music is played, performed, and created by musicians. It is not marks on paper.

Don’t get me wrong. That black ink on paper is important. It preserves and even immortalises composers’ creations for future musicians to re-create for future listeners.

I think it’s strange that so much music training starts with learning to read those black symbols and marks on paper. It takes a long time to learn and then your brain has to translate what you are seeing into the real thing – the music.

I also think it’s sad that the ability to improvise and compose in the moment, a skill classical musicians and performers used to possess, has been lost. I think a large measure of this loss is due to a focus on the written note.

Wouldn’t you rather go straight to learning music, creating music, and expressing yourself musically? Then, when you have some facility and freedom with making music, you can learn to read the notes. You’ll discover it’s so much simpler because you will also discover that you already know what those symbols mean.

I’ve had the great fortune of discovering the joy and passion that improvising and spontaneously composing music provides and now I want to pass that on to others. If you are a pianist or have been a pianist that finds yourself trapped by the need for music symbols on a page, there is a new opportunity available to you. If you have always dreamed of learning to play the piano, there is an opportunity to learn in a new way. I would be delighted to guide you on a journey of discovering your own true self expression, creativity and musicality at the piano.


Contact me today to discuss the possibility of your first piano lesson.

Craig@UnderThePiano.ca  •  604-662-3053


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Reflections: Adventures in the Heart of Sound

   Reflections Square Post QHMO-AMD.v3

Adventures in the Heart of Sound

 “That sounds like … music from heaven … But it’s not angels singing – it’s Quiet Hearts, an intimate musical event like none other…”  Daily Secret, Vancouver

Relax and delight your senses with an evening of music which is unique yet comforting, adventurous yet familiar, and engaging yet relaxing.

In addition to beautiful favourites by Debussy, Delibes, Fauré, Pärt, Korngold, and Strauss, we are extremely excited to include the debut of all four performers spontaneously composing and improvising on the spot together for the very first time.

It all adds up to a harmonious mix of classical and improvised music with hints of new age and world music in the upgraded glorious cathedral acoustics of one of Vancouver’s most gorgeous spaces.

Tuesday, November 24 – 7:30 pm
St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church
Nelson & Burrard, Vancouver

Tickets: $25 adults | $20 seniors & students
Get your tickets here

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The Amicus Music Duo and the Quiet Hearts Ensemble
Craig Addy, piano & organ • Howard Meadows, clarinet & recorder

Special Guests
Mark De Silva, violin & vocals • Anand David, flute


About Reflections

Reflections combines the best of two worlds. You’ll experience both the intimacy and connection of a personal up-close music salon and the expansive grandeur of music traveling amongst the towering arches and pillars of St Andrew’s-Wesley United Church. We believe this is Vancouver’s most beautiful and magnificent cathedral space. Reflections will be a unique, adventurous and engaging yet comforting, relaxing and familiar experience.

Reflections Artists Post QHMO-AMD.v5

Amicus Music Duo in the Narthex is back – with a significant twist.

It’s been some time since we have provided one of our intimate Narthex performances. Our attention and passion has been directed towards our newer Music Oasis series with the Quiet Hearts Ensemble. The first half of Reflections is designed to recreate the intimate conversational experience of our Narthex concerts. The twist? You will be in the Sanctuary, a magnificent glorious space with upgraded and even better acoustics. To retain the intimacy, you’ll be seated in the round as close to the performers as you wish. This portion will feature beautiful classical works and some original compositions by Craig Addy and Howard Meadows. We’ll also be joined by singer and violinist Mark De Silva for some pieces. You’ll enjoy conversation with the musicians and a closeness with the instruments. It’s a more immediate, visceral, blood-and-guts experience with the added enhancement of the sound deliciously reverberating in the Sanctuary’s wonderful acoustic.

“An Amicus evening is an experience of ‘oneness’. Phrasing is so sensitive it is as if these two superb musicians play as one voice. Commentary is enlightening and humourous. The audience cannot help but respond to Craig and Howard’s sincere invitation to become part of the music. Bravo!”  Margaret McEown 

Version 2

The Quiet Hearts Ensemble’s Music Oasis – a true adventure in sound & music

The second half of the performance will be a new experience for past fans who have not been able to join us for our Music Oasis series. Music Oasis and the creation of the Quiet Hearts Ensemble naturally evolved because we adore improvising and composing on the spot. Music Oasis is a pure unadulterated improvised creation. We’re thrilled to welcome violinist and singer Mark De Silva and flautist Anand David. Anand brings a new dimension to our creations with his flavours of modal scales and world music. We’ll guide you on a meditative and emotional musical journey which is interrupted only by brief silences. During Music Oasis, there is no conversation or applause and you’ll be invited to spread out and sit or lie down anywhere in the entire Sanctuary space.

“That sounds like … music from heaven. Well, you could be forgiven for thinking as much, given that what you’re hearing is emanating from St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church. But it’s not angels singing – it’s Quiet Hearts, an intimate musical event like none other. Featuring some of the city’s fave professional musicians, you’ll get to hear them improvise and create tunes ranging from folk and jazz to new age and world styles. The sounds are so beautiful that you honestly won’t even believe everything is composed on the spot (but, we assure you, it is). This is a musical meditation you won’t want to miss.”  Daily Secret, Vancouver

Tickets: $25 adults | $20 seniors & students
Get your tickets here

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I am so thrilled with this interview. Dayv Swan has captured the essence of what I do and what I am committed to create in the world as both a musician and a human being better than anyone else so far. Thank you Dayv and thank you Interesting Vancouver for the opportunity to contribute.

Craig Addy is no ordinary pianist. He runs a sound spa from his apartment called Under The Piano. So what is it like at Craig’s sound spa? People lay under his grand piano, on a extravagant bed of pillows, while he composes an original piece of music for them.

It’s both a personalized concert and a therapeutic experience. It’s a really interesting way to experience sound as his is as much a physical as it is an emotional experience.



Journeys Under the Piano Web Cover Art 600x600

Last December, I quietly announced the release of my newest album, Journeys Under the Piano. You can now download the album to your computer or smartphone from CD Baby for $9.99 US.

Preview or purchase each track on CD Baby here: http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/CraigAddy

Track 2, Wintertide, is also available as a complimentary download on CD Baby.


Sound Reflections: Reigniting Resolutions

Resolution List Square

Are you afraid to make New Years resolutions simply because you have past experiences of forgetting them or not fulfilling on them?

Did you set your goals for 2015 and you now need a fresh spark of energy to actually start working on them?
It’s never too late to make new resolutions or revisit the ones you’ve already made. If you have hesitated making or acting on resolutions this year, hesitate no more. We have a solution.

The Solution
Sound Reflections: Reigniting Resolutions.
Monika Becker and Craig Addy are collaborating to offer this valuable experience. It’s perfect for anyone who has created New Year’s resolutions or for anyone who didn’t get around to creating resolutions and wishes they had. This event is a powerful way to newly create or keep on track with resolutions and plans you really care about.

Another powerful aspect of Sound Reflections: Reigniting Resolutions is live piano music. The music will enhance and deepen the inquiry. People subliminally entrain or synchronize to music physically and mentally. The music Craig creates will be improvised to specifically enhance the exploration of Monika’s questions and inquiries as she guides you through the session.

Visit our Eventbrite page for additional information and to purchase your seats at Sound Reflections: Reigniting Resolutions



Under the Piano Valentine 2015

Numerous studies have shown that she, or he, doesn’t want flowers or chocolates for Valentines. Your love wants you. Specifically, an experience you can share together is the best gift possible and if it’s a unique experience, it’s a memory you will share forever. Fine dining is great, but how memorable will it be?

Well if music is your thing, especially beautiful piano music, Under the Piano is the gift experience waiting to happen this Valentine’s Day.

I’ve got one spot left on Valentine’s Day – 8 pm
On Sunday the 15th, I have 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm available.
On Friday the 13th, I have an 8pm spot available.

Call me today, to book an experience you and your love will never forget.


All sessions are prepaid to secure your premium seats Under the Piano.

Session: $165 plus GST

MP3 Recording: $30 plus GST
CD Recording: $55 plus GST
Wine or Champagne for 2: $20 plus GST

Visit www.UnderThePiano.ca for more information.