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Your Stories Told in Music

This is an interactive online experience. Craig’s spontaneous piano improvisations will brilliantly re-create your shared intentions, experiences, memories, and dreams. He encourages you to engage in dialogue and share your video during this event to create a rich and connecting experience for everyone. However, you are always welcome to participate in whatever way works best for you. That could look like turning off your video, simply sitting back and listening, or sharing in the chat. Most months, a guest artist will join Craig. This could be a painter, a poet, a sculptor, a photographer or other creative who expresses themselves in a medium other than music. Stay tuned for our guest artists.

I cannot express in strong enough words how engaging, beautiful, and frankly healing Craig Addy’s music is during these challenging times. Even beyond the wonderful music, the gathering’s real magic was from the folks who showed up and shared their emotions, intentions, memories, and dreams.

Visit my Under the Piano website’s events page to see upcoming occasions and register.

Mark Busse shared about the intention, Creativity

Margot Ayer shared a memorable experience about Phosphorescence while swimming in the dark.

COVID-19 update: Intimate in-person events at Craig’s home studio and other locations will resume when appropriate