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Under the Piano

First and foremost, Under the Piano is a musical experience – imagine having a personal private concert for one or two people. All the music that is played is spontaneously created and improvised in the moment especially for “you”. Why lie Under a Piano? Because it dramatically transforms your experience of sound and music. The sound vibrations a piano can produce are powerful and when you are Under the Piano you actually feel them with your body – it is a massage with sound. It impacts you both emotionally and physically. This is why Under the Piano effectively reduces stress and anxiety.

A piece from a recent session:

Under the Piano is great for individuals, couples, and even small groups.
Couples, friends, and family members come for a unique experience that they can enjoy together to celebrate their relationship. It’s great for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding gifts and special occasions like Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. There is room for two under the piano. I’ve occasionally had three smaller people under the piano too.

Pregnant Mothers come to nurture both themselves and their baby and can then re-create the experience by playing the recording for years to come.

Individuals dealing with grief and loss are getting great value out of Under the Piano as well – music directly accesses your emotions without words.

Travellers. Do you have music-loving guests visiting from out of town or another country? Send them for an Under the Piano session. Vancouver is the only place on the planet where you can enjoy this amazing and unique experience.

Groups come too. Create an occasion for 4 to 8 people. During these sessions, participants take turns lying under the piano while the others sit comfortably and enjoy the music.

Learn more and purchase sessions on my Under the Piano website. www.UnderThePiano.ca