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Welcome to Craig Addy’s Website

Craig Addy is a musician who listens to his listeners – literally.  Much of his music is created and inspired by the stories, memories, dreams, experiences, and intentions that listeners share with him during his Co-creative Concerts. You can find information about Under the Piano and numerous public and private musical experiences Craig offers here.

Did you know you can listen to some of Craig’s music as you browse his site? If you have auto-play enabled in your web browser’s preferences, you may be listening now. If not, head down to the bottom of this page and click the play button icon  ►

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1-604-662-3053 Craig@UnderThePiano.ca


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Anna Choi shares about her Under the Piano experience

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COVID-19 Update: Currently, Craig is not offering in-person events except in very specific controlled environments.
Once in-person events can continue, Craig can provide events in his home studio for up to 10 people.
Contact Craig to discuss offsite experiences.