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Chris Burgess – Good Vibrations Therapy

Under my Piano - Photo by Rachel Lando

Under my Piano - Photo by Rachel Lando

The Science of Music

Experience has told me that the keys to creating what you want are your conversations and connections with people. So, I attend Networking events – what better way to meet people who can connect you with other key people. During a recent networking event I requested introductions to people possessing knowledge about the science of sound. I know, experientially, that lying under my piano produces remarkable experiences for my clients, but I don’t really know why. I have done a little research, but mostly all I have are ideas, notions, and intuitions (not to undervalue ideas and intuitions). Well, the Universe provided with velocity. Such a person was already sitting at the table – it was Chris Burgess of Checkered Zebra Artistic Creations Inc.

Who is Chris Burgess? I soon discovered Chris Burgess has been in the business of music since 1971. He has built 4 studios and a mobile. The list includes Mushroom Studios, Entmoot Sound, Studios West, Bullet Mobile and Universal Insitute of Recording Arts, (formerly Total Sound/Bluewave Studios). Chris taught Music business and publishing at VCC and for Columbia Academy of Broadcasting

After an initial phone conversation, I decided to contract Chris for a consultation and the following article he created is one of many things I received and learned about during our meeting. The article, Good Vibrations Therapy, beautifully reflects much of my own personal experience and he has done a great job of re-creating the science behind Under the Piano in language that speaks to my clients and potential clients.

Good Vibrations Therapy

We all know music is therapy. It stimulates intellect, emotion, and now we discover physical well being as well. Vibrations caused by sounds have many universal impacts. The Big Bang they say started it all! Sound is powerful stuff. It has permeated the universe(s).

Humans have been attuned right from the get go, as have all animal species. Science now shows us many examples of sound transmission and reception. Our ears are tuned to a specific range that our bodies/minds receive and respond to. Music refines some of these sounds into specific vibrations-tones.

These organized vibrations produce waves in the air which carries to our ears and those frequencies of energy enter our entire being. Not just via our hearing. Our bodies receive the vibrations too. The piano produces more of these vibrations than any other acoustic instrument we have yet developed.

Although most of us don’t quite understand that reality the effects are none the less real. The energy carries soothing, therapeutic vibrations through the air into our bodies. Our minds relax when the right tones-notes and chords wash over us. Lying beneath a piano is drenching.

The level harmonics created have numerous overtones & undertones. The sounding board in the piano amplifies the waves and generates therapy in vibrations and the healing of nature begins. Good vibrations therapy!

Going deeper into the science reveals many powerful facts. Soaking ones self in the benefits requires little explanation. The result is the explanation! Ones spirit is cleansed and attitude is mellow. Thoughts coalesce with fresh blossoms. Emotions are caressed, relaxed, and reset.

The universe has utilized sound for amazing purposes and we share those experiences every time we give ourselves over to the Good Vibrations.

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