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Isabella & Haedy’s Under the Piano Session

Under my Piano - Photo by Rachel Lando

Under my Piano - Photo by Rachel Lando

One of the people who have enjoyed my work is Vancouver therapist Isabella Mori who, among other things, writes extensively about creativity.

The following audio tracks are live recordings of piano improvisations I created during an Under the Piano session with Isabella and Haedy on July 20, 2009. For me this session was deeply emotional, especially track 7, the last improvisation in the session.

Isabella has written a beautiful recounting of her experience over on her blog. It begins like this…

soft, these sounds
steal again into my heart.
how’d he do it?
he played on the piano
like he knew all about our souls.

this is a little tanka – a short japanese poem – i wrote after listening to the CD of the wonderful sounds craig addy created when my friend and soulmate haedy were lying under the piano.
yes, under the piano.
one day, craig was kissed by his muse and he set out to design a little world under his baby grand. satiny cushions, soft blankets and…

Read the entire blog post on Isabella’s Change Therapy blog. Listen to 4 tracks from Isabella and Haedy’s session right here.

Track 3:   [audio:Isabella-Mori-07-20-09-3.mp3]

Track 2:   [audio:Isabella-Mori-07-20-09-2.mp3]

Track 6:   [audio:Isabella-Mori-07-20-09-6.mp3]

Track 7:   [audio:Isabella-Mori-07-20-09-7.mp3]

To learn more about Under the Piano, visit  www.UnderThePiano.ca

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