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A Nutcracker Christmas with a Twist

I remember many Christmas eves with my family. It is late and the lights are dimmed. The house is decorated, polished brass and silver gleams, and many candles are lit. Everything glitters and glows and the aromas of pine and cedar fill the room. Then my parents play beautiful and peaceful Christmas carols on the stereo. The magic of that annual experience remains with me powerfully still.

Even many of those who are not classical music aficionados have heard Tchaikovsky’s ballet The Nutcracker. On December 17, the Amicus Music Duo will be creating a festive and atmospheric musical evening. Excerpts from the Nutcracker Ballet will be a central feature. Round that out with some traditional Christmas arrangements, some light jazz arrangements and of course our trademark improvisations – this time on Christmas Carols.

A Nutcracker Christmas with Amicus

A Nutcracker Christmas with Amicus

What’s the twist? Well, as always, improvisation is a twist – at least it is in the context of a “Classical” music event.

The second twist is dialogue. Howard and I are committed to our audience leaving with an enriched understanding and experience of music. Dialogue, in which the listener gets to contribute and ask questions is the best way to create that.

The third twist is the location. This musical occasion will take place in St. Andrew’s-Wesley Church’s Narthex. The Narthex is a small intimate space and we take care to create a living-room-like environment. The bonus, is that despite having just room for 30 – 35 people, we get the great reverberant acoustics that you expect from a great old church.

Believe me, that all adds up to an experience of the music that is quite different than listening passively. Come and see and listen for yourself.

St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church Narthex
1022 Nelson Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6E 1H8
(enter on Burrard Street)
Thursday, December 17, 2009
7:30 pm

Howard Meadows, Clarinet – Craig Addy, Piano

Pay at the door:
Adults: $27
Senior/Student: $22

Seating is limited so reservations are recommended.

The benefits of reserving and paying online:
Knowing who’s coming in advance makes life a lot easier for us, so we would like to reward you for reserving early.

1) reserve your seat(s) online* before December 1 and save $4 off ticket prices.
2) reserve your seat(s) online before December 10 and save $2 off ticket prices.
3) reserve and purchase your tickets online and save $1

* Don’t like paying online? That’s okay. You can choose the option to reserve online and then mail us a cheque. Your reservation is your agreement to pay whether or not you show up for the concert.

Reserve you seats now at:

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