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Featured Client: Alfred DePew

Alfred DePew - Photo by Bernie Meyers

Alfred DePew - Photo by Bernie Meyers

Back in July 2009, Alfred DePew came for a session Under the Piano. He was inspired to write about Under the Piano in his weekly Vancouver Observer column (See Under the Piano Featured in the Vancouver Observer). Since then, when I have done follow-up calls with clients who came with partners, some of them have commented that one the biggest benefits of being Under the Piano is feeling a powerful connection or re-connection with their partners. So, it’s early days yet in the life of Under the Piano, but it may well be that Under the Piano has potential benefits for enriching and deepening relationships. Given that, it only makes sense to share a little bit about my featured client who among other things, happens to be a Relationship Coach. His own words say it best…

Alfred DePew, MA, CPCC, PCC, ORSCC

What would you call me? An organizational alchemist? A relationship facilitator? It begins to be hard to name this new profession that we once called Organizational Development or Relationship Coaching …. The world is in a state of flux, the changes so swift and profound, that the language I used to describe what I did last year seems inadequate. But what do I actually do? Conflict Resolution. Change Management. Alignment Coaching. Strategic Planning, yes. All that. But I also help people create an atmosphere that is conducive to the conversations that need to happen. I help people to dream their best possible future into being. I train leaders and their organizations in Relationship Systems Intelligence™, non-toxic communication, and leveraging the creative potential in diversity.

And how might this apply to you? The holidays are coming up. That often means added stress at work and at home. I’m offering the first five couples or business partnerships who respond a one-hour training on Creating the Holiday Season You Really Want. Special price: $75. Code # 207. [email protected] Or call (604) 568-3621.

Check out my blog, “Relationship Matters” http://alfreddepew.wordpress.com/

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