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Piano Improvisation meets Creative Yoga Dance

Rachel Goodman

Rachel Goodman of Diversi Fitness

Last Spring I had the good fortune to meet Rachel Goodman of Diversi Fitness. I soon discovered that Rachel’s journey to fitness was quite unlike anything I could have imagined. Rachel has a background in dance. When she shared that she loves to do dance improvisation the synapses in my brain started getting mighty active.

Dance Improvisation?

Piano Improvisation?

Dance Improvisation!

Piano Improvisation!

Oh! Dance AND Piano Improvisation!

We agreed to meet at my place and play. Rachel came, I improvised, she improvised, and it was all very easy.

Obviously Rachel already had an idea, because she was soon inviting me to co-create a truly unique event. That event is happening on November 28th at Cranberry Commons. Together, Rachel, myself and the participants will be doing a creative yoga dance class. The ingredients are myself improvising at the piano, Rachel improvising yoga dance movements and the participants joining in. Perhaps they’ll be leading too. Who knows. It’s an improvisation!

Finding a space suitable for yoga and dance that also has a piano was a small challenge. The first place had the space and piano, but not the availability. The second venue had the space and availability, but not a suitable piano.

Thank goodness Rachel and I both like blabbing about what we are up to. Zan Romeder overheard and chimed in with something like “I’ve got the space and more importantly I’ve got the piano”. My ear glands started salivating when I discovered the piano is a beautiful fully refurbished grand piano.

Eventually Rachel and I got our calendars coordinated and visited Zan’s magical space. It is so beautiful and the piano is a dream to play and listen to.

So our experimental exploration is on. Here are the details, taken from the poster we created.

Creative Yoga Dance

Be creative in community
Express yourself
And Celebrate life through movement and sweat!

Experience improvised live music, creative dance, and yoga as they unite for an exciting new class. Pianist Craig Addy will be playing a beautiful grand piano in a beautiful setting. He will provide a custom sound landscape for the class led by Rachel Goodman. A yoga and dance based warm up will be followed by structured movement improvisation. Selected yoga poses and stretches complete this gratifying practice!

No dance or yoga experience necessary.
Limited spaces. Call now to reserve your spot.

Rachel Goodman: 604-807-5114 or
email her at [email protected]


Saturday, November 28, 2009
3:00 – 4:30 pm
(Hastings and Willingdon area)

Rachel Goodman – B.F.A. in Dance, M.A. in Expressive Arts Therapy, Can-Fit-Pro certified personal trainer, BCRPA registered group fitness leader, and has completed yoga (2004) and Pilates (2005) teacher trainings.

Learn about Rachel & Diversi Fitness:

Website: http://www.diversifitness.com

Craig Addy – Pianist, Improviser, Composer
[email protected]

Listen to and learn about Craig’s music at:
Website: http://www.UnderThePiano.ca

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