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Tingling Toes Under the Piano

Andrea Fletcher Tiernay and I are teaming up to create a unique evening that explores new ways for you to relax. Imagine soaking your feet in a warm, soothing and detoxifying all natural foot bath. Gently dry your feet and massage in some wonderful oil and lotion. Then, with the soothing calmness that this honouring of your feet magically evokes, take your relaxation to the next level in a way you’ve never experienced. That would be massaging your body with gentle sound vibrations that soothe your body, mind and soul.


Relaxing, invigorating and strengthening sea minerals that help purify and nurture the skin

The SeaSource Detox Spa foot bath and the accompanying foot oils and lotions will be provided by Arbonne. The sound massage will be provided by Under the Piano – yes, you will be lying under my grand piano for 10 minutes. After, Andrea will be providing chances to explore other products designed for the rest of your body. I’ve been using Andrea’s Arbonne products for a month now and I know just how incredible these products are. Andrea has enjoyed an Under the Piano session. We saw an interesting overlap in what the Under the Piano service and Arbonne products provide – we’re both in the relaxation business. Of course, there is a lot more to both of our businesses, but this is where they very clearly overlap.

The lucky 5 who book a spot for the evening on Friday, December 17 will get a taste of the unique Under the Piano experience and an opportunity to learn about Arbonne’s exceptional face and body products. Attendance is free and no purchase will be necessary. We will of course be providing special opportunities and incentives to purchase our products and services.

To save your spot call Andrea at (604)-763-2188 or Craig at (604) 662-3053

Andrea Fletcher Tiernay
[email protected]

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