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Christmas Improvisations

Here I am with Christmas just around the corner releasing a new CD, this time a “Christmas CD”, with less than 2 weeks to go. Not a brilliant marketing and sales strategy. My explanation is simply a very full and exciting fall with more projects on the go than I can handle effectively. What makes this even sillier is that this CD was completed in December of 2008 and I sagely advised myself to hold off until next year to release it so that it could be done in a wise and timely fashion. Ha Ha!


I remember many Christmas eves with my family. It is late and the lights are dimmed. The house is decorated, polished brass and silver gleams, and many candles are lit. Everything glitters and glows and the aromas of pine and cedar fill the room. Then my parents play beautiful and peaceful Christmas carols on the stereo. The magic of that annual experience remains with me powerfully still. The essence of those wonderful memories are what I bring to these improvisations on some of my favourite traditional carols. Originally, I intended to create just one improvisation for each carol. In the end I had two to four improvisations for each carol and was happy with most of them. I’ve enhanced and expanded some of the carols with orchestrations to further differentiate each improvisation’s unique character. I wish you peace and joy during your holiday season.

Contents of the CD:

Listen to Silent Night No. 1

1. Coventry Carol No. 4
2. Silent Night No. 2
3. Away In a Manger No. 1
4. Coventry Carol No. 3
5. In the Bleak Mid-Winter No. 2
6. Silent Night No. 1
7. Away In a Manger No. 2
8. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
9. In the Bleak Mid-Winter No. 1
10. Silent Night No. 3
11. Coventry Carol No. 1

This CD is dedicated to my parents, Ruth & Gerry Addy

This CD may be available as a digital download from CD Baby before Christmas. You can order it directly from me now. Contact me at 604-662-3053 or [email protected]

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  • Wendy Morris December 17, 2009, 1:31 pm

    Hi Craig,

    The CD sounds wonderful but I can’t seem to listen to it. When I click the link above I get (untitled) in my reference and about: blank in my internet address. ? Let me know what to do!


  • Craig December 29, 2009, 12:41 am

    Hi Wendy. Sorry about the trouble listening to Silent Night. I just tried it on another computer and there was no problem. So I am am not sure how to resolve the issue. However, there are other places online to listen. I’ve uploaded a lot of music to my icompositions page. Here is the address for Silent Night over there:


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