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Some Musical Moments from Crossing Over

Howard and I got our act together and actually recorded our Crossing Over performance at St Andrew’s-Wesley Church. Here are 3 pieces from the evening.

1) Piano Improvisation by Craig Addy

Improvisation from Crossing Over – Craig Addy, Piano

2) An improvised Waltz by the Amicus Music Duo

Performed by the Amicus Music Duo
Howard Meadows, Clarinet and Craig Addy, Piano

An Improvised Waltz from Crossing Over – The Amicus Music Duo

3) Drawing Blanks
Performed by the Amicus Music Duo
Composed by Craig Addy

Admittedly not my cleanest performance, but the energy was great!

Drawing Blanks – The Amicus Music Duo


For additional information about the Crossing Over concert see my blog post  Afterthoughts on Crossing Over

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