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In My Dreams

Artist Mia Weinberg and I met at a networking group called HOBN a few months ago. An increasing interest in collaborating with artists who play in different mediums resulted in this joint creation called “In My Dreams”. Mia brought her piece called “Whispers In My Dreams” to my studio and we placed it on my grand piano’s music stand. Mia crawled under the piano and I then intuited an improvisation on the artwork. The YouTube video you see here was created by Mia and actually draws upon three different images from her Dream series. That’s why we shortened the name from “Whispers In my Dreams” to “In My Dreams”. The music is available as a download right here on the blog. Over to the right near the top of the page you can see a music player titled “Music by Craig Addy”. You should see “In My Dreams” in the list of songs. If “In My Dreams” is not already selected, do that. You’ll then see a tiny picture of Mia’s “Whispers in my Dreams” at the top of the music player and next to it a series of even tinier grey square icons. Click on the icon with the downward pointing arrow to download the music for “In My Dreams”

These are the 3 images Mia created and used for the video. Visit Mia’s website and check out her portfoli slideshow in full screen mode to see more of her stunningly beautiful works.


Whispers in my Dreams by Mia Weinberg

Memories in my Dreams by Mia Weinberg

Inventions in my Dreams by Mia Weinberg

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