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The Power of Pen on Paper

I am so inspired by my new friend Mazen and what he does for a living. It is nice to meet someone who practices something as unusual as what I do. Well actually, if I was writing to a European reader, it would not occur as unusual, but it here in Canada it still is.

After a wonderful, inspiring and sometimes moving conversation with Mazen he offered to give me a taste of his unique gift. All I needed to do to “taste” Mazen’s unique offering was write a paragraph about something – anything really. So I wrote about my passion for beauty and how the beauty of music can transform people’s lives.

Mazen then took the sheet of paper from me. He closed his eyes and with a trance-like expression on his face he felt and ran his fingers up and down the paper on both sides for a considerable period of time.

The first thing he said to me after this was that I had some stiffness in my right shoulder. This astounded me as I am left handed AND I do have a minor pain and restriction in movement in my right shoulder. How did he know this from feeling a sheet of paper which I wrote on with my LEFT hand?

Perhaps, by now you are getting a little impatient to learn what Mazen Alzogbi does?
Mazen is a professional Handwriting Analyst. His website is http://www.knowtis.ca/services/personal/. After this initial and accurate declaration about my shoulder, he moved on to my personality traits. He described with great accuaracy my strengths and weaknesses. The things I like and dislike about myself and some things I had not yet seen for myself. I resisted a couple of those revelations, but as he continued and elaborated on what he was discerning from just one paragraph of my handwriting, I saw the validity in all he said and had new insights about myself.

I’ve done and continue to engage in a lot of personal growth and development work. One thing I’ve learned is that insights are great, but so what. It’s not much use if you can’t take action on them and produce results in your life that make a difference for you and others.

I said that to Mazen and his response got me from being really interested to being intensely interested. He explained that changing the way you write letters will change or give you access to changing those deep seated traits you would like to let go off. I’M IN! I can hardly wait to do the full analysis with Mazen.

I asked Mazen what people get out of this work. Here is what he said:

“There are countless ways people express inner blocks that keeps them from soaring with their dreams; “I don’t know what’s stopping me”, “if only I know what’s going on, I don’t seem to finish this project”, “why can’t I be in a fulfilling relationship. What am I doing wrong?” etc. The answer is inner defenses that are manifesting subconscious (and sometimes conscious) fears, which generates self-sabotaging behaviour. This behaviour becomes the comfort zone after a while of exercising it.

My work enables people discovering those inner blocks so they can go work on them. It was once said: “Knowledge is half the solution. Application is the other half”.

I was inspired to write this blog post when I discovered that Mazen is offering an incredible opportunity to use his service for the next 5 days.

Grab this! You won’t be disappointed.

Mazen is offering 50% off for any Self-Discovery & Development profile you order for the NEXT 5 DAYS ONLY.

Please visit Mazen Alzogbi’s Facebook page to uncover the details of this offer http://on.fb.me/knowtispage

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