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A Whole Different Kind of Gong Show

So there I was lying on a yoga mat. Around me were about 15 other people on mats as well. To get to this place, I had walked past a few gorgeous horses with heads nodding in anticipation of treats from humans. Before that, a 45 minute trip from Vancouver in my friends adorably cute pale green Fiat 500. He brought me here for a birthday treat.

Then, as we all lay on our mats, healing sound started. First a steady drum beat. I could feel it resonating in my body as the drummer moved closer to me. Then the magic we were all there for began. The mysterious and cosmic sound of, not one, but eight gongs. During the session, the gong baths were interspersed with beautiful bells and singing bowls which were almost like palate cleansers. In total, we enjoyed 3 gong baths, each subsequent sound bath getting louder and more intense. I loved the intensity of the louder third bath particularly. I could feel the vibrations of the gongs traveling through my body. The gong players, Kathy Cameron of The Soul of Sound and her gong partner Paul, provide these wonderful healing experiences quite frequently.

If you are still wondering about the horses, that is because the location for our particular gong bath was the beautiful Wisteria Acres out in Fort Langley. At Wisteria Acres, the gong bath occurs in the renovated second floor of a barn, below which is the home of a number of beautiful horses. Driving out to Wisteria Acres was part of the adventure, but you need not travel far as Kathy provides Gong Baths quite regularly here in Vancouver

Upcoming Gong Baths in November & December can be found here


Sound Healing with gongs and Himalayan singing bowls from the soul of sound on Vimeo.

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