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Why Would You Love to Lie Under a Grand Piano?

Valentine's Day Under the Piano

Valentine’s Day Under the Piano – February 14, 15 & 16, 2014

Valentine’s Day is often Under the Piano’s single most busy day of the year. That’s no surprise given it’s romantic, intimate, beautiful and genuinely unique. What’s unique about this premium musical experience? You and your partner will be treated to a musical concert which is spontaneously composed on-the-spot just for you. No one, including me the composer, will have heard this music before. But that’s just half of the unique factor. The other half is the unusual premium placed seats for your experience. Where? UNDER the Piano. You’ll actually lie with your partner cocooned amongst luxurious and sumptuous cushions and satin sheets underneath my grand piano. As you nestle together in this calming and soothing hideaway under the piano, you will experience music and the powerful vibrations of the piano in a way that leaves you awestruck, full of wonder and deeply moved. Purchase your session now. The 4pm and 8pm times are already booked. Just 4 sessions are available in total on this special day for lovers. I also have some times available on Saturday, February 15 and Sunday, February 16.

Prepayment is required to reserve your seat.

If you are intrigued, but have reservations or concerns, read the testimonials further on in this blog.

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A recording of your session. Listen to the recording of your exclusive music composed just for you at the session and relive the original experience each time (This option can be purchased before or after the session).

Wine or Champagne (prepayment for this option is required).

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It’s not unusual for many people to have reservations about leaping in and trying an Under the Piano session. Some people think it’s weird, even scary. This first testimonial is a wonderful example of how people who have reservations feel after they stepped past them and experienced Under the Piano.

“I was once taken to Under the Piano on a date. At first I was terrified, I don’t think I uttered two words on the ride there. When we arrived I hovered near the door in case I wanted to make a quick escape. But Craig Addy was so easy with us. It just made perfect sense to take off my coat and crawl under the grand piano to lie on pillows with this date I barely knew. And when Craig started playing it was like omg why was I ever scared, it was like being taken to another world and being wrapped in luxury. He was so present to our energy, it was pretty astounding to hear it played out loud. Everyone needs to try this.”

Kristina Agosti

“I took my sweetie for an Under the Piano session for Valentine’s Day. It was a wonderful experience. Craig has such a unique business. The setting is warm and comfortable. I felt so brilliant pulling this out of my hat for a V Day gift. Certainly not the usual chocolates and flowers. I recommend Craig’s service over and over to my friends. When I left I felt the same way I do when I have had a massage, relaxed and detoxed, I know it may sound strange but you just have to experience it. Don’t just go once, make it a good health habit.”

Cari-Lee Stevens


“Hi Craig, I am sitting here at my computer working, listening to our CD. When one of the pieces came on, my whole body had a wonderful reaction and I felt it resonate like it was hearing it for the first time. As I am typing this to you, tears are streaming down my cheeks as I remember how I felt under your piano. I’m so glad we got the CD. The experience was one thing, but to be reminded of this each time I listen to this piece is like a gift all over again. What a wonderful experience to be tuned into every day – you are so fortunate to have discovered this gift – and we are fortunate to have met you. Thank you from both of us.”

Meralon Shandler


“I live my life feeding my curiosities daily as I explore this beautiful world. Well last night I had without question one of the top 10 experiences of my life here in Vancouver!!!! Craig has a beautiful simple business called Under the Piano.

Telling you you lay under a piano as he composes a piece of music for you would be short selling this horribly!

Describing the emotions I went through from remembering my Grandma Harris playing the Piano when I was a child, to remembering past loves, to soaring in my memories from being at the top of a mountain at 14,000 feet all washed over me as I was taken on a 45 minute journey of my life. I was in tears at times and fell asleep in the middle for 5 minutes and then spent the greatest part of my experience with an ear to ear smile washing over my body while in total amazement of what I was hearing and feeling as I reached up touching the underside of the piano, to feel the powerful vibrations of this grand piano moving through my body. Not one to lay still or calm I was simply and blissfuly relaxed and centered.

I cannot say enough about Craig and what is is like to lay under his piano as he literally and spontaneously composes a 45 minute journey for you as you lay underneath it on a fluffy bed and comfy and beautiful pillows with aromatherapy and candles.

I am still chilled to the bone as I recall it here for you!!!”

Mark E. Sackett


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Can’t make it during the Valentine’s Weekend?

Check out

Journeys into Bliss

Journeys into Bliss

Akasha Bloom Jin Shin Do BodyMind Acupressure & Under the Piano

Friday, 28 February 2014 from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM (PST)
Silk Purse Gallery, West Vancouver, BC

Are you looking for a creative, adventurous and unique way to celebrate your Love this month? Akasha Bloom Jin Shin Do BodyMind Acupressure and Under the Piano are providing a wonderful workshop for couples. Craig Addy will be providing soothing and relaxing improvised piano music while Alicia Kent teaches couples how to use acupressure to develop deeper intimacy, deepen bonds of trust and compassion, intensify physical pleasure and more. The workshop will be held at the beautiful Silk Purse Gallery in West Vancouver. This lovely intimate space houses a gorgeous 9 ft concert grand piano. Couples will have an opportunity to lie under the piano and get a taste of what an Under the Piano session is like during the workshop.

More info and tickets on Eventbrite


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