Embark on a Serene Musical Journey with ‘Lullabies Under the Piano’

Discover the Tranquil World of Prenatal Piano Music for You and Your Unborn Baby

Delve into the soothing sounds of ‘Lullabies Under the Piano’, a collection of seven piano compositions filled with tranquility. Crafted on a cherry wood Charles R. Walter grand piano in Craig’s studio, this album of prenatal piano music is a serene journey, perfect not only for expectant parents and their unborn babies but also for anyone seeking a peaceful retreat through the gentle embrace of piano music.

Delve into the Serenity of ‘Lullabies Under the Piano’

Imagine Your Personal ‘Under the Piano’ Experience

Exploring the Album

Prenatal Piano Music that Soothes and Calms

“An Under the Piano experience is like nothing I’ve experienced anywhere else. This is our second time, now pregnant, and we came to this session with the intention of creating baby’s first soundtrack and personilized/custom music from composer Craig Addy. I am absolutely delighted with each and every song and can’t wait to see how baby reacts when we play the songs at our homebirth and thereafter. Thank you Craig. As always, a wonderful and memorable experience.”     

~ Alina Kouneva Tremblay ~

A picture of a pregnant mother lying under the piano. Prenatal Piano Music.

The Artistry Behind ‘Lullabies Under the Piano’

Each piece in Lullabies Under the Piano is a masterpiece of emotion and connection. Recorded during an intimate ‘Under the Piano’ session, this prenatal piano music captures the essence of tranquility and peace. The album is a musical tapestry, weaving together notes and melodies to create a serene soundscape.

The Emotional Journey Through Prenatal Piano  Music

The music in this album takes you on an emotional journey, exploring the profound bond between parents and their pre-born child. It’s not just for expectant families; anyone seeking a moment of peace will find solace in these melodies. The album’s gentle embrace transports listeners to a place of calm and contemplation.

Melodic Moments: A Special Session in Still Times

In the quiet of December 2020, during the pandemic’s global pause, I had the unique opportunity to host Alina and Kevin for an ‘Under the Piano’ session. This session was special for several reasons. Firstly, it was one of the few I could conduct during those quiet months, making it even more memorable. Secondly, it was a time of joyous anticipation: Alina was in her third trimester, eagerly awaiting their baby daughter’s arrival.

This period of waiting brought a unique emotional depth to our music. The session was not just about creating melodies but about capturing this special time of anticipation and wonder in musical form. Also, it was a significant milestone in my musical journey. This was one of the first sessions played on my new grand piano, which had arrived just as the pandemic began. The piano’s rich and warm tones added an extra layer of depth to the experience and the prenatal piano music we created.

Together, we crafted a series of heartfelt musical pieces, five of which are included in this album. These compositions are more than just music; they’re a celebration of serene connection in a time of uncertainty, a beautiful tribute to the new life about to enter the world.

This Album of Prenatal Piano Music Includes:

  1. Twilight Reverie
  2. Whispering Waltz
  3. Echoes of Dreams
  4. Gentle Shadows
  5. Celestial Lull
  6. Precious Time
  7. Peace & Serenity

The Universal Appeal of the Album

While ideal for expectant families, these lullabies speak to all hearts, inviting listeners into a haven of calm and contemplation. The album, recorded in Craig’s home studio, is a showcase of the magical ‘Under the Piano’ sessions where every note is imbued with warmth and intimacy.

Download ‘Lullabies Under the Piano’ now and let its melodies envelop you in a peaceful embrace. Allow this album to be not just a listening experience, but a doorway to creating your own unforgettable musical journey.

Crafting Your Own Prenatal Piano Music

In addition to the blissful experience of the album, consider a personal ‘Under the Piano’ session. Whether in-person or online, these sessions offer a unique opportunity to create a bespoke musical experience for you and your baby, filled with the same tranquility and connection that inspired this album. Imaging having your own collection of prenatal piano music. Importantly, these sessions provide a nurturing touch from the very first melody, enriching your pregnancy journey with serene soundscapes.

Create your Musical Portrait with your own Under the Piano session.

“My wife and I have experienced under the piano before, and this time we chose to experience it while being pregnant with our first child. I was amazed at how unique and emotional the experience was distinct from the first time. I had no idea how disconnected I was from myself until the music began. Craig and his music are a gift unlike anything else in life, one I highly recommend for anyone & everyone. It is quite something to let go of all we are thinking about & allow our human soul to be rejuvenated: to come alive from the inside out, the beauty of it just stunning….”

~ Kevin Tremblay ~

Enter the world of ‘Under the Piano’, a haven of harmonic bliss for expectant mothers, couples, and those who cherish the nurturing power of music during pregnancy. Each session, be it online or in-person, unfolds into a personalized musical narrative, delicately crafted to connect, soothe, and inspire both you and your unborn child. These experiences offer a nurturing touch from the very first melody, enriching your pregnancy journey with serene soundscapes.

Your Sanctuary of Sonic Bliss

In-Person ‘Under the Piano’ Session

The Enchantment Begins: A Unique Encounter

Dive into the magical in-person  ‘Under the Piano’ experience. Especially designed for expectant moms and couples, this session is a journey into musical wonder. As you settle beneath the grand piano, the world fills with harmonious notes, creating a serene ambiance for you and your unborn child.

Feel the Music: A Physical Bond

In these sessions, the connection with music is tangible. The grand piano’s vibrations offer a soothing ‘sound massage’. This not only relaxes but also deepens the bond between you, the music, and your baby.

Melody and Bonding: An Unforgettable Experience

Every note played is a soft caress, fostering a gentle interaction with your baby. This nurturing environment creates a lasting, tender connection. It’s an oasis of tranquility, a retreat from daily life.

A Personal Symphony: Your Recorded Keepsake

Post-session, you receive a personalized recording of your prenatal piano music. This audio treasure, echoing the session’s melodies, becomes a source of ongoing peace and connection.

Beyond Music: A Journey of Calm and Connection

Our in-person sessions are more than musical experiences. They’re journeys into serenity, bonding, and rejuvenation, leaving lasting memories.

Intimate and relaxing

This was one of the most unique experiences I have ever had. It was so intimate and relaxing. This is an experience my husband and my baby will talk about for the rest of our lives. At times, I forgot where I was and suddenly I would hear sounds from heaven and felt peace.

Sandra Sayour

Your Virtual Cradle of Melodies

Online ‘Under the Piano’ Session

Discover the Magic of Music from Home

Explore the magical ‘Under the Piano’ sessions with Craig Addy, now available online. This is a special opportunity for expectant mothers and couples to connect with their unborn child through music. Every session is a personal journey, reflecting your own experiences and feelings.

Turning Your Stories into Music

Craig Addy has a unique skill: he listens to your stories and dreams and turns them into beautiful prenatal piano music. This process is more than just making music; it’s about turning your life’s moments into melodies and harmonies.

A Keepsake of Melodies for Lifelong Memories

The recording you get from your session is a special keepsake. It’s like a lullaby, capturing the heart of your session and staying with you and your child for years. This melody will be a comforting sound in your life, from pregnancy to the quiet moments after birth.

Create Your Own Musical Journey

Participating in an online ‘Under the Piano’ session lets you create your own musical story. Craig’s intuitive music-making matches the rhythm of your life. This experience is not just relaxing; it’s healing, turning your personal stories into a peaceful musical journey.

Beyond Music: Emotional and Personal Transformation

As noted by Jon-Luke West, these sessions are more than just about music. They’re a chance for personal growth and healing. You get to see your feelings and life stories turned into music, giving you a deep understanding of yourself.

Pure Magic

The experience I had in my Under the Piano session was breathtaking. Craig Addy is not only an impressive pianist; he is also a fabulous person. He made me feel comfortable and safe while sharing. He asked me about myself and he listened with compassion and understanding. He heard me and then transformed the heart of my story into song – taking me on a journey through myself; distilling all of my energy, emotions, passions, my essence into music on the piano. It was healing and refreshing. It was magical.

Jon-Luke West

Science of Serenity: Understanding the Impact of Prenatal Music on Newborns

“Harmonizing Newborns: The Transformative Impact of Prenatal Music”

Maternal Music Exposure during Pregnancy Influences Neonatal Behaviour: An Open-Label Randomized Controlled Trial

Discover the power of prenatal music in shaping neonatal behavior, as revealed in a groundbreaking study. This research uncovers the significant, positive influence of maternal music exposure during pregnancy on newborns, assessed using the Brazelton Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale. Expectant mothers who embraced this musical journey experienced their babies performing notably better in key behavioral aspects. This study not only highlights the deep connection between prenatal experiences and neonatal development but also opens new avenues for enhancing early child development through the art of music.

For more details, explore the full study here.

“Musical Therapy in Pregnancy: Reducing Stress and Enhancing Wellness”

Effects of music therapy on psychological health of women during pregnancy

This study explored the effects of music therapy on reducing stress, anxiety, and depression in pregnant women in Taiwan. A randomized experiment involved 236 participants, divided into a music therapy group and a control group. The music therapy group underwent a two-week music intervention, while the control group received standard prenatal care. Results showed that the music therapy group experienced a significant reduction in stress, anxiety, and depression levels, as measured by standardized psychological health scales. These findings suggest that incorporating music therapy into prenatal care can be a cost-effective way to improve psychological well-being in pregnant women.

For more details on this study, you can visit the Wiley Online Library.