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Lullabies Under the Piano – An Album of Serenity


Explore Lullabies Under the Piano, a serene collection of seven piano pieces recorded on a Cherry Wood Charles R. Walter grand piano. This album, crafted in Craig’s studio, is not just for expectant parents and unborn babies; it’s a peaceful retreat for anyone seeking solace through the gentle embrace of piano music.

7 Tracks  •  Duration: 44 minutes



Step into the serene world of Lullabies Under the Piano, an album that brings to life the profound bond between parents and their pre-born child through music. This collection, featuring seven heart-touching piano pieces, is recorded during a genuine Under the Piano session. Each track, from Twilight Reverie to Peace & Serenity, offers a musical embrace of tranquility and connection, resonating deeply with listeners from all walks of life.

The Album Includes:

  1. Twilight Reverie
  2. Whispering Waltz
  3. Echoes of Dreams
  4. Gentle Shadows
  5. Celestial Lull
  6. Precious Time
  7. Peace & Serenity

While crafted with expectant families in mind, these lullabies are universal in their appeal, inviting all listeners into a haven of calm and introspection. Recorded in Craig’s home studio, the album encapsulates the enchanting experience of Under the Piano sessions, where each note carries the warmth and intimacy of its creation.

In addition to the album, Craig offers personalized Under the Piano sessions. Available both in-person and online, these sessions are a chance to create a bespoke musical experience for you and your baby, echoing the tranquility and connection that is the essence of this album. Read testimonials.

Download the Lullabies Under the Piano Album today, and immerse yourself in its peaceful melodies. Let this album be more than a listening experience; let it open a door to your own unforgettable musical journey.


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