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Lullabies Under the Piano

Experience the serene embrace of Lullabies Under the Piano. This collection features seven piano pieces, each born from a unique, intimate experience beneath a grand piano. Here, music crafted for an expectant family resonates with tranquil warmth and profound connection.

About Lullabies Under the Piano

Immerse yourself in the tranquil world of Lullabies Under the Piano. This soul-soothing collection comprises seven piano pieces, each a whisper of calm and comfort. An expectant couple and their third-term unborn child once lay nestled under a grand piano, giving life to this unique album. In this cozy sanctuary, adorned with cushions, blankets, and a soft mattress, the music was not just played. It was lived and breathed.

Tender melodies gently embraced the family, inspiring tracks like Twilight Reverie, Whispering Waltz, and Celestial Lull. These compositions capture the profound connection between music, mother, father, and child. Another notable piece, Precious Time, embodies the fleeting, precious moments of early parenthood, while Peace & Serenity offers a soothing soundscape, ideal for moments of reflection and calm. Each piece, from the dreamy Echoes of Dreams to the soothing Gentle Shadows, carries the warmth and serenity of this unique setting. Thus, a transformative experience gave shape to an album that extends its calming embrace to all. It becomes a perfect companion for anyone seeking solace and peace.

Lullabies Under the Piano offers more than music. It invites you on a personal journey of relaxation and connection. We welcome expectant parents to experience their own Under the Piano session. These sessions, available online and in-person, create a bespoke musical memory for families. The album opens a gateway to serene escape, nurturing the soul with lullabies. It resonates with those seeking gentle tranquility and a unique, personal experience.