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Art Openings

Available online or in-person

Imagine the people you invite to your art opening, experiencing some of the paintings with music spontaneously created and inspired by your paintings. Craig has a dialogue with you, the artist, and the viewers about some of the paintings. What is the story behind the painting? What do the viewers see in the painting? Then, Craig spontaneously composes music for each painting inspired by the work itself and by what you, the artist, and the viewers see in the painting. This works beautifully online and can also be done in person. A high-quality stereo recording of the music can be purchased. For online experiences, a video recording is also available. Video recordings can also be arranged for in-person events.

Here’s a recent performance inspired by Maggie Davis’s abstract painting The Arrival

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Lynnie Sterba’s Paintings Inspire Music by Craig Addy

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