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Refund & Returns Policy

CraigAddy.com does not make refunds or accept returns on certificates or bookings for Under the Piano sessions, concert engagements, or recordings and albums. However, any booking or certificate is transferable to another recipient, including the purchaser (you). If this is the case, contact Craig Addy to request a new certificate for the new recipient. Bookings can be rescheduled or transferred to new participants if emergencies arise. We appreciate 48 hours’ notice if at all possible.

CraigAddy.com will replace any physical or digital goods that are damaged or not functioning correctly upon delivery with a new copy of the same product. If CraigAddy.com is unable to replace the product, a refund will be provided.

Contact Info

Craig Addy
Under the Piano

[email protected]

#604 – 1350 Broughton St, Vancouver, BC. V6G 2X3