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Special Interest Concerts

Available online or in-person

Craig provides a beautiful experience for special interest groups. Spiritual groups, meditation groups, environmental groups etc.

These online concerts are a wonderful way to connect, especially if there is geographic distance or circumstances that prevent groups from gathering in person. Whether it be a celebration or an opportunity to have the frustrations or challenges of your group expressed in music, this experience is an excellent way to get to the emotions and moods that language can’t always capture.

During these events, group members are given an opportunity to share a personal experience or memory about their own lives or the group’s endeavours. Craig then spontaneously composes a piano piece to re-create what is shared.

A high-quality stereo audio recording and/or video recording of the experience can be purchased as well.

COVID-19 Update: Currently I am not doing in-person events except in very specific controlled environments. Once in-person events can continue, I can provide events in my home studio for up to 10 people. Contact me to discuss offsite experiences.