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Grieving & Hospice

Available online or in-person

Do you have a loved one who has recently passed or who is in hospice?
Music is a powerful and effective access to express the emotions we all feel at these difficult times. Sometimes, words are not enough. This can be a highly interactive and connecting experience. During these sessions, I invite participants to share who the loved one is for them. I then create music to express what is shared. This is a powerful and moving tribute to the person who has passed or the person who is in hospice. In the case of hospice, providing the technology can be set up, that person can participate in the experience if they are able to. For private, in-person individual sessions, see Under the Piano.

Another option is a more public and less interactive event. This can be done on Facebook Live and/or Youtube Live. For these events, people can share about your loved one in the comments and I will use those comments as my guide for musical creation.

While not exactly the same as this, I recently did a live stream in honour of a dear friend who passed during the summer of 2021. The music was created prior to her passing while she was dealing with serious medical issues in the hospital.

COVID-19 Update: Currently I am not doing in-person events except in very specific controlled environments. Once in-person events can continue, I can provide events in my home studio for up to 10 people. Contact me to discuss offsite experiences.