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Family Concerts

Available online or in-person

These musical experiences for families are a wonderful way to connect. The online event is especially good if there is geographic distance or circumstances that prevent families from gathering in person. Book a family concert for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holiday Celebrations, Celebrations of Life, or Hospice events. See Grieving & Hospice for more details on those events.

During these events, family members are given an opportunity to share a personal experience or memory about their own lives or about the family member for which the occasion is created. Craig then spontaneously composes a piano piece to re-create what is shared.

A high-quality stereo audio recording and/or video recording of the experience can be purchased as well.

COVID-19 Update: Currently I am not doing in-person events except in very specific controlled environments. Once in-person events can continue, I can provide events in my home studio for up to 10 people. Contact me to discuss offsite experiences.