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Family Concerts

“I emerged from my moments with Craig with a new joy for my life, my whole life, all one magnificent musical journey. I am forever grateful!” ~ Diana Page Jordan


These musical experiences for families are a wonderful way to connect. The online event is especially good if there is geographic distance or circumstances that prevent families from gathering in person. Book a family concert for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holiday Celebrations, Celebrations of Life, or Hospice events. See Grieving & Hospice for more details on those events.

During these events, family members are given an opportunity to share a personal experience or memory about their own lives or about the family member for which the occasion is created. Craig then spontaneously composes a piano piece to re-create what is shared.

A high-quality stereo audio recording and/or video recording of the experience is included.

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A Masterful Musical Transformation

Craig Addy gifted me with one of the most transformational experiences of my life. Music was my first language, as I lived in a NYC apartment with my Stradivarius-playing grandfather, my RN grandmother, and my loving parents. They say my first word was “violin.” I saw my life as Before and After — until Craig’s musical interlude. The Before being this loving, musical, inspirational life. Then, at age three-and-a-half, what felt like a meat cleaver — my grandfather died, we moved from NYC, my father disappeared because my parents divorced and my mother remarried a man who introduced sexual violence, which created a home of drunkenness, schizophrenia, and trauma. I held onto the early beauty, kept trying to heal and get back to that. So, what Craig did was magical. He played his classical piano — reminding my being of my first language of music — and, with his percussion, pizzicato, his crescendo and symphonic musicality, the flow, rhythm, love — and I saw that it all blended together to carry me into a new realization. This is the symphony of my life. It is not Before and After. It is One, with many different tones and textures, with every note meaningful and special. I emerged from my moments with Craig with a new joy for my life, my whole life, all one magnificent musical journey. I am forever grateful!

Diana Page Jordan

Multi-Generational Family Zoom Concert – Bravo!

We had 10 family members ranging in age from 11 – 81 for a family Zoom concert with Craig. He asked us in turn to share hopes and aspirations, or memories with him to be recreated in music. Each individual had a different expression, and the music Craig created was inspirational, evocative and memorable. Over the span of the 90-minute concert, several of us were moved to tears — several times! Each of the 10 pieces of music are so different, and all are a perfect expression of the family member who shared. Even if your family is geographically far flung, this is perfect for an unforgettable family music experience!

Jill Arena