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Conscious Table Meditative Dinner Events: A Taste of Transformation

My passion, of course, is giving people access to what beauty can provide through the creation and sharing of music. I love exploring and experiencing the innumerable other ways that “beauty” can be made available to myself and others. One, is Jill Boadway’s Conscious Table.

In May of 2009, I participated in a miraculous creation. It was one of Jill Boadway’s Conscious Table events. My memories of this powerful experience came flooding back after a conversation with Jill the other day. Jill, who had been exploring other avenues in her love for nourishing people through cooking, explained that it was time to get back to her Conscious Table – her driving passion.

Jill describes it best:

“Conscious Table Meditative Dinner Events are an invitation to celebrate your senses and explore what nourishes your body, mind and soul. Bring more enjoyment and awareness to your dining table through this unique and vibrant culinary journey.”

Here are the primary elements of this gorgeous 3 hour experience.

• A silent, 5 course, gourmet dinner served as a guided meditation (~ 50 min. with ambient music)
• Explorations in taste, mindful presence and intention
• Lovingly prepared, organic, plant-based, whole foods
• Your own contribution to the meal with hands-on preparation
• Conscious Table recipes to create at home

I could speak to all of these, but for now I will say little bit about what the first provided for me. Silence, or rather absence of conversation, powerfully created a whole new context for experiencing food, sharing food and receiving food. The absence of conversation enabled me to slow down and listen, touch, smell, look, feel and taste. I became highly “conscious” of all my senses. Even though I was not talking with the other participants, six of whom I had never met, the sense of community and connection was notably present and enhanced. I noticed how rare it is for me to be present to the beauty of food and sharing food with others. It was like I had a magnifying glass that magnified all the different senses. I noticed the beautiful bubbles swirling and floating in my glass when Jill poured water in my glass. A cell phone set to vibrate went off and sounded like a fire alarm in this context. At one point, a salad was placed in front of me and I was moved to tears by the sheer beauty of it.

I can’t recommend Conscious Table highly enough. An opportunity for you to experience it is on the horizon.

Next Vancouver Meditative Dinner Event:

Saturday, September 25th, 6-9pm,
2485 14th Ave West    $90 – $120 sliding scale

To reserve your place at the conscious table

contact Jill at  [email protected] or 778-866-8788

Jill Boadway is a professional chef and holistic culinary coach who supports people in transforming their relationship to nourishment. Her experience ranges from french fine-dining to raw-foods cuisine. She has worked as head chef at yoga ashrams, ayurvedic wellness spas, and Radha Yoga & Eatery in Vancouver. She is trained as a yoga teacher and brings the spirit of yoga into the kitchen.

Jill Boadway
Conscious Table
Meditative Dinner Events, Holistic Culinary Coaching and Classes
A Taste of Transformation


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  • Jerry Rector September 20, 2010, 1:43 pm

    Dear Craig,
    This blog was beautiful… it almost brought me to tears.

    • Craig September 21, 2010, 11:52 am

      Hi Jerry,
      As I wrote in this blog, Jill’s Conscious Table did bring me to tears. How often do we associate that emotion with eating and sharing food together. Of course they were not tears of sadness. They were tears of joy that welled up as I became present to the beauty of the experience. That is how unique and powerful this experience with Jill is.

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