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Noise! Noise! Noise!

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Noise! Noise! Noise!

I’ve recently been complaining about Noise: complaining a lot. You could say that my complaining is its own kind of noise. You’ll hear more complaints about noise from me but you’ll hear about things I love too. I’m not committed to complaining. My complaints are created with the intention of waking you and myself up to the noise pollution that is impacting our lives everyday. It is the first step: to acknowledge and be clear about what’s so about noise in our environment.

What lies beneath my complaints is a deep and passionate commitment to a world that sounds beautiful. Imagine what life would be like if urban dwellers could hear birds, wind and water more than traffic and machinery. But there is plenty to celebrate now. As I study the writings and presentations of the amazing work by Julian Treasure and his Sound Agency I have awakened to a whole new realm of sound. I’ve always cared about sound but have focused all my energies on how it presents itself in the realm of music. Now I get to play in the toy store of sound that surrounds me in everyday life as well.

I’m excited to explore and share sounds and music I find beautiful or intriguing. What are some of your favourite sounds? I discovered this amazing sound when reading Treasure’s book Sound Business. I never stopped to consider that a black hole makes a sound. Listen to this cool sound sample of a black hole that Treasure made available online. He explains that these are the sounds of X-rays escaping from Black Hole GRS 1915 + 15

2 Black hole by thesoundagency

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