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The Dharma Added Effect

Shawn Bearman, of Radical Ideas,  is a coach I have been working with. She encouraged me to incorporate a concept she calls The Dharma Added Effect into my business. I’m very excited about this. Shawn expresses how it works best and has given me permission to quote the following content. I am actually a fortunate recipient of The Dharma Added Effect myself. This is how I am able to work with Shawn at this time. I look forward to contributing my hours to the community.


What if every business was more concerned with the difference it made rather than how much money it had at the end of the year?  What if Making THE Difference went viral?  Business can make THE difference that limits the individual.

When Buy 1 Get 1 Free meets
Pay It Forward something amazing happens…
Grow your business out of making a difference

The Dharma Added Effect is an opportunity for people to make the difference that they are committed to by doing what they love to do.

How The Dharma Added Effect works:

  • For every paying client, Radical Ideas takes on 1 client that pays in hours
  • This Paying in Hours Client makes a difference in the community
  • The total amount owed is divided by the last hourly wage they received
  • This then becomes the number of hours owed
  • We then allocate those hours to people in need in the community.

To date we have had:

  • People’s  houses  painted
  • Yard work done
  • Animals taken care of
  • Shopping for the elderly

The future depends on everyone’s desire to reach beyond his/her immediate sphere of influence to help someone else on our planet.  The difference between Karma and Dharma according to answers.com:

Karma is the law of cause and effect. Many people think that Karma means that if you are mean to others, you will suffer bad luck in the future. This is a gross simplification of the way Karma effects our lives, but it is sufficient for a short answer.

Dharma refers to the underlying order of the cosmos, and is often used to mean “the way”or “the path”, meaning the right way to live and study to achieve lasting happiness.

The Dharma Added Effect is Exponentially Reciprocal.  It is a new realm of possibility for business everywhere!  The possibility of Business Causing transformation and community everywhere!

Under the Piano is applying the Dharma Added Effect in the following way.

Each client who books an Under the Piano session or purchases a gift certificate will receive an additional complimentary gift certificate for an Under the Piano session to give to someone who is ill or someone who does not have the financial means to enjoy an Under the Piano session.

What about you? Are you called to incorporate The Dharma Added Effect into your business?

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