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Doulas Under my Piano

I recently had a delightful opportunity to share about Under the Piano at a Doula Meeting here in Vancouver. I offered an opportunity for them all to come for a complimentary session so they can get an idea of how wonderful an experience this is for expecting mothers. Several have jumped at the opportunity and I am having a great time sharing this with them. First up was Sommer and Jill. Here is what Jill had to say about her experience when she shared on facebook.

Tonight myself and another Vancouver area doula went and had a very lovely, relaxing, and unique experience.

We went “Under the Piano”. It was amazing. It really helped me to relax, shut off my brain, drift off, and really connect with my baby (who was moving around actively). The sound and vibrations of the music are really something else.

It’s great for pregnant moms as all you have to do is lie there among the soft cushions and drift off. It’s also great for couples, and could make for a unique night out that you would remember for a long time.

Jill Colpitts

Here is the second piece I spontaneously created for them during the session.

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