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What does your mother or wife ‘really’ want for Mother’s Day?

If you thought the top choices were perfume or flowers, think again. Those are nice, but you won’t be leaving a memorable mark for your mother or wife with those gifts. I’ve done a little research and found 10 surveys which actually asked mother’s and wive’s what they would like to receive for Mother’s Day.

The most recent survey I found is from  Ebates –  April 25, 2013

In the other surveys I found, the first 3 listed in Ebates are almost always in the top 3 (in varying order).

Ebates Survey Results

Top Gifts Moms Want This Mother’s Day
1. Gift card to favourite store
2. Homemade gift
3. Spa day
4. Jewelry
5. Roses
See the complete Ebates survey here –

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Mother’s Day Massage & Music

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