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Wintertide – My Seasonal Gift for You

I have just released my new album “Journeys Under the Piano”.
The second track evoked cold winter scenes in my mind and it seems the perfect offering for this time of giving. I invite you to enjoy it as a movie with wonderful paintings of winter scenes by artists including Monet, Brueghel and Moras.

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Download the music for enjoyment on your computer or smartphone by clicking the download button below.

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About Journeys Under the Piano

Journeys Under the Piano Web Cover Art 600x600

In 2009, an instance of childlike freedom and play culminated in the creation of Under the Piano. With excited anticipation, I had visited Showcase Pianos to try out the wondrous new Fazioli grand piano.

For some reason I remembered being a child lying under the piano as my mother played and suddenly, there I was, a 47 year old man, lying under a nine foot $250,000 grand piano in the store. I noticed how the piano’s vibrations enveloped me and resonated through my body and soon after I invited friends to my home to explore the idea further. Their response to lying under my piano as I spontaneously composed music was astonishment and amazement. I have never stopped since.

Under the Piano is a multi-sensory musical experience. Imagine yourself nestled in the luxury of silk comforters and cushions with artwork, a multitude of candles, and even aromatherapy. Imagine the powerful sound vibrations of spontaneously composed piano music permeating, envelop-ing and resonating through your body. This is indeed an experience that engages all the senses – a whole new context in which to experience music.

The handful of selections on this recording are taken from over 2000 improvisations created during Under the Piano sessions for over 500 people. The orchestration of “Meditation in a Storm” was added to the piano improvisation at a later date.

Track listing:

1. Dawn Awakens
2. Wintertide
3. Sweet Bliss
4. Meadow Muse
5. Relinquish
6. I Came Upon a Silken Glade
7. Dreamscape
8. Cobalt Caverns
9. Meditation in a Storm
10. Into the Clouds

Journeys Under the Piano Trayliner Art for Wintertide - 600x600

Special thanks to Rachel Lando of www.landoimages.com for the beautiful cover photo.

Learn more about Under the Piano at www.UnderThePiano.ca

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