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Alive Inside

Is there someone in your life who you have lost to dementia or Alzheimer’s? Have you given up hope of ever being with the person you knew and lost. There is hope – huge hope.

Right now, in this moment, I am so honoured and proud to be a musician. I am so inspired to know I am engaged in a practice and art that can cause transformation for loved ones in our lives who we have given up for lost to dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Many do not know that Howard and I often play in hospitals and seniors care facilities. We have personally witnessed the kind of transformation that the documentary “Alive Inside” reveals. This really is possible.

Take 15 minutes of your life to see the enormous transformation that is possible simply by providing your loved one with musical favourites from their past.

Honestly, this brings me to tears of both inspiration and regret. Inspiration for what’s possible. Regret that a simple and inexpensive solution remains largely ignored.
I can hardly wait to watch the full length documentary about this. “Alive Inside”.

If the video here inspires you and you subscribe to Netflix, you can watch the entire documentary on Netflix.

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