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Individual Under the Piano Session | In-Person


An In-Person Under the Piano session for one person.


About the In-Person individual Under the Piano session.

Imagine a custom-composed piano concert created just for you. We will have a conversation about your current experiences, intentions, dreams, and memories and I will then re-create that for you musically. The music will capture the essence of you and your shared stories. The musical portion is a multi-sensory surround sound event as you will be enveloped and massaged by the music and sound as you lie underneath my spectacular grand piano. This is an exclusive one-of-a-kind experience. It is your experience and only your experience.

Individual sessions are particularly good for music lovers, people who are contending with stress, or people who are dealing with grief, loss, or transitions in life.

Your experience includes:

  • Soulful Piano Serenades: A culmination of decades of mastery and expertise, you’ll be treated to 40 to 45 minutes of bespoke musical compositions, meticulously crafted to resonate with the essence of your shared stories. This isn’t just music; it’s a deeply personalized musical portrait that transcends the ordinary.
  • Your Personalized Recording: Immortalize your unique musical experience with a recording that allows you to relive those precious moments for years to come. The lasting value of these compositions, preserved for your enjoyment, is a treasure that far exceeds the cost of the session. Choose from a CD, downloadable MP3, or a private online playlist, ensuring your musical memories are always within reach.
  • Savour & Celebrate: Elevate your experience with a choice of refreshments tailored to your mood. Whether you’re toasting with Champagne or wine, or seeking solace with a selection of fine artisan teas, each sip is designed to enhance the ambiance and add warmth to your session.
  • Award-Winning Chocolates: Indulge in boutique chocolates from a local award-winning chocolatier, a sweet accompaniment to your musical journey.
  • Optional Aromatherapy: Engage another sense with the option of aromatherapy. Choose from a selection of soothing fragrances, or opt out if you have sensitivities.

Experience the profound connection between music, emotion, and sensation, all under the gentle embrace of the piano.

Prepayment is required to reserve your wonderful front-row seats Under the Piano. Sessions are 75 to 90 minutes in duration and include a 15-minute pre-session conversation, a 40 to 45-minute session under the piano, and a 20 to 30-minute completion conversation.

You may also book and pay with a credit card by phone at 604-662-3053 or, in Canada, send INTERAC eTransfers to [email protected] (please confirm availability of the time you want before sending payment).

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