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Alex Vachon

As I lied down on the silk pillows, under the piano, a sense of goodness and peace, not unlike when you step in a cathedral, permeated me. Here, under a roof of thick wooden beams going in all directions, I felt as if I could hide and be completely myself, whoever that is.

Such confinement, such freedom, suspended, between earth and heaven.

Time came to a stand still.  Silence.   I knew of a rendez-vous taking place.

Then you open the floodgates.  A river of vibrations swept my entire body. You made me feel connected with an instrument, a vibrational device that transformed every sensation into sweetness and passion.

Past, present and future disappeared. Traumatic events, joy, beauty, love all swept in one full wave of energy, then another wave, and another, the river kept me going strong. What a ride! I didn’t want it to end. All is beautiful. All is well.

Thank you Craig Addy for your Art.


Alex Vachon

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