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Conversations from Under the Piano: Simeon Garriott

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Simeon Garriott’s thoughts and memories about his Under the Piano session.

Play this 2 minute interview to hear his thoughts.

Highlights of the interview include these thoughts:

  • It was really an amazing session. My wife is partially deaf, so she had her hand on the sound board the whole time.
  • It was one of the most different and amazing things that is really hard to describe.
  • We got a CD of the session and probably the most amazing thing – shortly after that I was going through a lot of stressful things in my business, and I’d come home, throw the CD on, pop my feet up on the coffee table and – better than any high blood pressure medicine I have ever taken.
  • Really amazing to be able to sit back there and listen to that and just disappear my mind for 20 minutes or half an hour and forget about the whole things and just relax.
  • My wife asked one question when we left, “How are you going to top this?”
  • Probably you want to book an Under the Piano session for your Valentine’s Day treat for your wife
Simeon Garriott
Legal Shield
Total access. Total freedom

Check out Simeon’s invaluable offerings by visiting him at simeongarriott.tel

Learn more about Under the Piano at www.UnderThePiano.ca

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