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Conversations from Under the Piano: Monika Becker

It’s been a huge pleasure getting to know Monika. We’ve collaborated together, combining the power of her Reflect & Connect sessions with the magical transormation of Under the Piano. Monika has experienced Under the Piano a few times, so I was particularly interested to discover her thoughts about her own Under the Piano sessions. I’ve added a track of the music that was spontaneously created during her first Under the Piano session.


Craig: The purpose of this interview is just for you to share whatever you remember about your Under the Piano experience. So what do you remember about it?

Monika: What I remember from all the different sessions that I have experienced Under the Piano is that it transformed me in a very beautiful and deep way. I got connected more to my emotions, to my state of being, to creativity as well – I always tapped into something that I had no idea that was there for me – new ideas, new inspiration, new energy and every single time I came out of the sessions more grounded and connected to something essential within me. It’s hard to put a label on it but it might have been connection to myself and to something very basic and beautiful and truthful. It always felt really really good to be in those sessions, to go through the emotions, and also what I hear is that Craig has a beautiful talent of tapping into what is going in the person. He is very intuitive at connecting to the energy that the person has so I felt that he was often times picking up on my own state of being and sometimes as though he was reading my mind. I was thinking  “Oh I would love something more lively right now” and there it was – he was playing something more lively or – yah it was I felt connected to the music and to Craig in those sessions as well and it was a beautiful experience on top of it. So, I don’t know whether I made myself clear or not. I highly recommend these sessions. They are just transformative and very beautiful to experience and Craig creates a safe space for every person to show up – show up as who they are in the moment and it’s all good. You don’t have to be in a certain state of mind or being in order to go there. Just go and be – be transformed, be surprised by what might be coming up for you. So go and have fun when you go Under the Piano.

Craig: Thank you

Monika: Oh you’re welcome

Craig: That’s beautiful

Monika: Yah. I can’t wait for my next one.

Craig: I’m going to ask one more question which I may not use, but given it’s Valentine’s week – You’ve always done these sessions on your own …What opportunity do you see for Under the Piano as a celebration of Valentine’s Day for a couple?

Monika: What I can see is that it deepens and broadens the experience because each person individually will have their own experience with the music and then, as you know, between people there’s always a connection so I’m sure as a couple that they feel connected already and it will deepen their experience of their being partners. So I can see this actually exponentially grow the effect that it will have on the two of them as individuals and as a couple. Yah, I would love to experience this myself with my partner-to-be (laughter) – so stay tuned on that!

Monika Becker
Clear Directions
Consulting & Life Coaching
Learn more about Monika Becker at: www.cleardirections.ca

Connect with Monika at www.monikabecker.tel

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