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First Annual Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

And the WINNER is! Simeon Garriott

Congratulations to Simeon Garriott. You are the 1st winner of the First Annual Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt.

Would you like to win $375? Join us in the fun with our First Annual Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt.

Simply find the answers to 15 clues on 15 websites and enter the draw to win. There is no fee to enter. Fifteen businesses, all members of the explosive and exciting new Rapid Time Networks, have each contributed $25 to the Easter Basket. Listed below, are 15 clues and 15 website addresses for the participating businesses. Go to each website and find the answer for the clue provided by each business. You’ll need to save your answers somewhere handy so you can submit all 15 answers at once. We’ll do a draw on April 1st (no fooling) and the winner will get Cdn $375 in cash. Details for submitting your answers follows the clue list.

But first, you need to register to enter the game


Questions or Concerns

Please direct any questions, concerns or questions to:
Craig Addy at [email protected] or Anne Whitmore at [email protected]

Happy Hunting!

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