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A Ballad for Darren & Amanda

Last night I had the pleasure and honour of offering the gift of Under the Piano to Darren and Amanda. Darren Jacklin is a busy guy who travels throughout the world most of the year so it was great that we could find a time for him to enjoy this experience. Here is one selection from from the seven pieces I spontaneously composed for them.


After the session, here is what each of them wrote as a testimonial about their experience.

“The session with Craig was wonderful. From the moment we walked through the door the room had a calm and beautiful energy. Under the Piano was unlike anything we had experienced before. It was powerful, emotional and fun. Be forewarned. This romantic environment will make you melt.” Amanda

“I felt like I was on a flying adventure like a bird soaring across the sky. I lost track of time and came out of my head and was fully present in my physical body. This was a memorable mark the moment experience I will remember for the rest of my life and share with encouragement to others.” Darren


A note about “spontaneous composing”. As a musician who has being doing this for years, I mistakenly assume people understand what that means. What it means is the music has never been played, heard or even thought of before. It is created and improvised in the moment with nothing pre-planned. I sit, I pick a musical key, I play one note, then another, and then another. A pattern emerges which simultaneously evolves into an emotional and musical journey.

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