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RapidTime Radio – Interview with Rod Janz

A big thanks  to Rod Janz and his RapidTime Radio interviews. He provides these to members of  the quickly expanding, leading edge networking organization called Rapid Time Networks or RTN.

What’s in this interview?

  • What is Under the Piano?
  • How did this one-of-a-kind business come to be?
  • Basics. What does it cost? Available options. Where? What to expect during a session.
  • Each session features original music composed on the spot
  • One of my other passions:  Quiet Hearts – Musical Respites and Journeys. An after work de-stressor.
  • A memorable story from past Under the Piano sessions. making a difference for people dealing with grief or illness.
  • About my piano
  • Contacting me

Listen to the interview now.

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