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Musical Massage Package

Under the Piano has joined with pHresh Spa to offer a special holiday gift package for the Christmas Season.
Surprise and pamper a loved one with a Musical Massage Package.

couples massage

The gift of a Musical Massage Package includes:

  • a 60 min relaxation massage at pHresh Spa
  • a 45 min Symphonic Hydrotherapy Bath at pHresh Spa
  • an Under the Piano Session (approximately 90 minutes)

$ 199 for one person
$ 349 for a couple


Under the Piano

Under The Piano - by Rachel LandoUnder the Piano is a sound spa for mind, body and soul that is a unique musical and healing experience. As you lie under the grand piano, the vibrations literally massage you at a cellular level as your body resonates with the music. All the music played is improvised in the moment so only you get to experience the music that you hear during your session. Under the Piano is ideal for individuals seeking relief from stress and anxiety or wanting to process emotions through music, for couples to share an unforgettable experience, or for pregnant mothers to nurture themselves and then have a recording for their baby. Sessions start at $90 for individuals and $130 for couples.

Under the Piano is less than a 10 minute walk from pHresh Spa, so you can make a day of it (appointments required) or have two separate special occasions to prolong and savour this wonderful and unique gift experience.

Symphonic Hydrotherapy Bath

Symphonic Hydrotherapy Bath


To purchase a certificate call Craig Addy at 604-662-3053 or email him at [email protected]

Cheque, Cash, eTransfer, PayPal & Credit Card accepted.

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