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Sound Reflections: Reigniting Resolutions

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Are you afraid to make New Years resolutions simply because you have past experiences of forgetting them or not fulfilling on them?

Did you set your goals for 2015 and you now need a fresh spark of energy to actually start working on them?
It’s never too late to make new resolutions or revisit the ones you’ve already made. If you have hesitated making or acting on resolutions this year, hesitate no more. We have a solution.

The Solution
Sound Reflections: Reigniting Resolutions.
Monika Becker and Craig Addy are collaborating to offer this valuable experience. It’s perfect for anyone who has created New Year’s resolutions or for anyone who didn’t get around to creating resolutions and wishes they had. This event is a powerful way to newly create or keep on track with resolutions and plans you really care about.

Another powerful aspect of Sound Reflections: Reigniting Resolutions is live piano music. The music will enhance and deepen the inquiry. People subliminally entrain or synchronize to music physically and mentally. The music Craig creates will be improvised to specifically enhance the exploration of Monika’s questions and inquiries as she guides you through the session.

Visit our Eventbrite page for additional information and to purchase your seats at Sound Reflections: Reigniting Resolutions


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