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Reflections: Adventures in the Heart of Sound

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Adventures in the Heart of Sound

 “That sounds like … music from heaven … But it’s not angels singing – it’s Quiet Hearts, an intimate musical event like none other…”  Daily Secret, Vancouver

Relax and delight your senses with an evening of music which is unique yet comforting, adventurous yet familiar, and engaging yet relaxing.

In addition to beautiful favourites by Debussy, Delibes, Fauré, Pärt, Korngold, and Strauss, we are extremely excited to include the debut of all four performers spontaneously composing and improvising on the spot together for the very first time.

It all adds up to a harmonious mix of classical and improvised music with hints of new age and world music in the upgraded glorious cathedral acoustics of one of Vancouver’s most gorgeous spaces.

Tuesday, November 24 – 7:30 pm
St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church
Nelson & Burrard, Vancouver

Tickets: $25 adults | $20 seniors & students
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The Amicus Music Duo and the Quiet Hearts Ensemble
Craig Addy, piano & organ • Howard Meadows, clarinet & recorder

Special Guests
Mark De Silva, violin & vocals • Anand David, flute


About Reflections

Reflections combines the best of two worlds. You’ll experience both the intimacy and connection of a personal up-close music salon and the expansive grandeur of music traveling amongst the towering arches and pillars of St Andrew’s-Wesley United Church. We believe this is Vancouver’s most beautiful and magnificent cathedral space. Reflections will be a unique, adventurous and engaging yet comforting, relaxing and familiar experience.

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Amicus Music Duo in the Narthex is back – with a significant twist.

It’s been some time since we have provided one of our intimate Narthex performances. Our attention and passion has been directed towards our newer Music Oasis series with the Quiet Hearts Ensemble. The first half of Reflections is designed to recreate the intimate conversational experience of our Narthex concerts. The twist? You will be in the Sanctuary, a magnificent glorious space with upgraded and even better acoustics. To retain the intimacy, you’ll be seated in the round as close to the performers as you wish. This portion will feature beautiful classical works and some original compositions by Craig Addy and Howard Meadows. We’ll also be joined by singer and violinist Mark De Silva for some pieces. You’ll enjoy conversation with the musicians and a closeness with the instruments. It’s a more immediate, visceral, blood-and-guts experience with the added enhancement of the sound deliciously reverberating in the Sanctuary’s wonderful acoustic.

“An Amicus evening is an experience of ‘oneness’. Phrasing is so sensitive it is as if these two superb musicians play as one voice. Commentary is enlightening and humourous. The audience cannot help but respond to Craig and Howard’s sincere invitation to become part of the music. Bravo!”  Margaret McEown 

Version 2

The Quiet Hearts Ensemble’s Music Oasis – a true adventure in sound & music

The second half of the performance will be a new experience for past fans who have not been able to join us for our Music Oasis series. Music Oasis and the creation of the Quiet Hearts Ensemble naturally evolved because we adore improvising and composing on the spot. Music Oasis is a pure unadulterated improvised creation. We’re thrilled to welcome violinist and singer Mark De Silva and flautist Anand David. Anand brings a new dimension to our creations with his flavours of modal scales and world music. We’ll guide you on a meditative and emotional musical journey which is interrupted only by brief silences. During Music Oasis, there is no conversation or applause and you’ll be invited to spread out and sit or lie down anywhere in the entire Sanctuary space.

“That sounds like … music from heaven. Well, you could be forgiven for thinking as much, given that what you’re hearing is emanating from St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church. But it’s not angels singing – it’s Quiet Hearts, an intimate musical event like none other. Featuring some of the city’s fave professional musicians, you’ll get to hear them improvise and create tunes ranging from folk and jazz to new age and world styles. The sounds are so beautiful that you honestly won’t even believe everything is composed on the spot (but, we assure you, it is). This is a musical meditation you won’t want to miss.”  Daily Secret, Vancouver

Tickets: $25 adults | $20 seniors & students
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