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What do you see?

When you look at this image, what do you see?

Rising - Music Excerpt

Most people would say they see music.

But wait. Can you SEE music?


This image is not music. This image is a pale representation of what music is. It’s a series of black symbols printed on paper to represent something far beyond it. Music is played, performed, and created by musicians. It is not marks on paper.

Don’t get me wrong. That black ink on paper is important. It preserves and even immortalises composers’ creations for future musicians to re-create for future listeners.

I think it’s strange that so much music training starts with learning to read those black symbols and marks on paper. It takes a long time to learn and then your brain has to translate what you are seeing into the real thing – the music.

I also think it’s sad that the ability to improvise and compose in the moment, a skill classical musicians and performers used to possess, has been lost. I think a large measure of this loss is due to a focus on the written note.

Wouldn’t you rather go straight to learning music, creating music, and expressing yourself musically? Then, when you have some facility and freedom with making music, you can learn to read the notes. You’ll discover it’s so much simpler because you will also discover that you already know what those symbols mean.

I’ve had the great fortune of discovering the joy and passion that improvising and spontaneously composing music provides and now I want to pass that on to others. If you are a pianist or have been a pianist that finds yourself trapped by the need for music symbols on a page, there is a new opportunity available to you. If you have always dreamed of learning to play the piano, there is an opportunity to learn in a new way. I would be delighted to guide you on a journey of discovering your own true self expression, creativity and musicality at the piano.


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  • Valerie Jones January 6, 2016, 2:52 am

    Very beautiful post. Thank you for your thoughts.

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