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Secret Certificate

It’s a Secret

Under the Piano is such a unique experience that on many occasions clients give it to a loved one as a surprise. They bring their bewildered partner, friend, or family member to my home studio here in the Westend. Where on earth am I coming, they are wondering. I love these sessions. I’m good at making people quickly feel at ease and my studio has a comforting and cozy atmosphere. Then we have a conversation during which I reveal the magical musical experience they are about to have.

For this reason, I have devised what I call a Secret Certificate. I remove all references to my business name and what the experience is. All they will know is that it has something to do with sound and that it is relaxing like a spa experience.

So, if you want to surprise a music lover with one of the most unique gifts on this planet, here’s an opportunity.

Learn more and purchase certificates at Under the Piano at www.UnderThePiano.ca

Call me at 604-662-3053

Email me at Craig@UnderThePiano.ca

Secret Certificate - Under the Piano



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